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What people are saying...

Mary's training has not only showed me how to become successful but how to draw the types of clients that I like to work with, so I can get the most enjoyment out of my work.

I now feel I have not only the tools but the inspiration to create my dream life full of all the things that bring joy instead of drama, true abundance in love and money, and to correct and heal what was making me physically ill... peace of mind.

The “Breakthrough Sessions” went straight to the source of the emotional factors that were suppressing my immune system in this obvious pattern.
I have been free from those old patterns for years now.

My physical and emotional health have improved from doing this work. The investment I made (and will continue to make) in these coaching sessions with Mary, have been worth every cent!

Mary's Accelerated Results Coaching is coaching on steroids! I have met and exceeded goals in the areas of career, income, and relationships in a very short time span.

My gross income has doubled since I started Mary's Coaching program. She makes sure I have the right attitudes and beliefs in place giving me the determination to hit the mark over and over again.

Mary is the best in the Industry! She is my personal/business coach. The growth, freedom, self-discovery, and joy I have experienced working with her is priceless.

You accelerated my growth process enormously, and we had fun in the midst of powerful change. I have learned so much from you that I will bring forward with me to my new coaching practice.

I took a big step out of my comfort zone and was able to see my life and everything around me in a different way.
Her sessions are like a deep tissue massage for your brain.

I find Mary's array of coaching tools very impressive. She has immense experience in many areas of personal and professional development, which is extremely reassuring.

I've reached new levels of success and happiness in my life, far beyond my old limits.The value that our coaching sessions added to my life is beyond measure.

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