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            Mary’s Accelerated Results coaching program has changed my life. When I had to retire from the fire service early, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had become depressed and stuck in self-doubt. My savings were running low, and I was beginning to panic on how I was going to pay the bills.  

 After the first session, I went from having no idea of what I wanted to do for a new career to having a clear vision, several goals set and excitement running through me. In one year I went from pinching pennies to having the number one Balanced Dog Training business in my area. Business has been amazing financially. What I am most impressed with is the type of clients that I attract.

 Mary’s training has not only showed me how to become successful but how to draw the types of clients that I like to work with, so I can get the most enjoyment out of my work. 


Celeste Sippel


Maria's Story
Maria Sanchez_edited.jpg
         Mary is the best in the industry! She is my personal/business coach. The growth, freedom, self-discovery, and joy I have experienced working with her is priceless.
Working with Mary will be the most intense, gratifying and fulfilling ride you will take as you discover YOU!  In the process, I have tripled my income and am on track to bump it up this year.
Maria Sanchez
Real Estate Investor



Joshua's Story

          Mary's Accelerated Results Coaching is coaching on steroids!

  I have met and exceeded goals in the areas of career, income, and relationships in a very short time span. My next step is to attend her NLP  Training series."


Joshua Navarro 

Regional Director N. Central US

Whole Sale at Union Home Mortgage


Peggy's Story

  My gross income has doubled since I started Mary's Coaching program. We are now  working on  doubling it again this year. So far this year, I achieved 2 of my other major  long term goals. Mary makes sure I have the right attitudes and beliefs in place giving me the determination to hit the mark over and over again.  I  see no end to what is possible for me to achieve now!

   Margaret Cameron
   Financial Coach


Sorany's Story
FB_IMG_1545485676564 (1).jpg

         Mary Ligon and sessions with her are simply the best!! If I can pick just one word to describe my experience with her, it would be magical! I was going through a tough time emotionally, feeling alone and sad, not wanting to socialize as much, letting the days go by, felt like a little hamster in her uncomfortable cage, paralyzed, just working on autopilot. Fun right? 

  One day, after seeing Mary at the office we share, I decided to ask for her help, after all even thou we just say hello to each other just few times her energy was just alluring and peaceful. She irradiates this warmth that makes you feel like she knows you from a long time, maybe that’s why I didn’t pay attention to the skeptical voice inside me that said:   “hypnotherapy? Really? Does it really work?"


Sorany Gomez and Mary Ligon

 Well, it does! How? Mmm well, I’m not the expert. I just know that after having a couple of sessions with her, I was able to see my life and everything around me in a very different way. I took a big step out of my comfort zone and I was suddenly out of my hamster cage. the introvert and lonely me was going out, taking chances and meeting new people, I even met my now fiancé. Let’s just say that after talking to Mary and letting her work her magic, magical things started to happen. Her sessions are like a deep tissue massage for your brain.
I’m so grateful that the universe or whatever you want to call it, put Mary on my path!
I tell people: just give it a chance, I may not be the best explaining how it works but I can tell that definitely, it was worth the try for me.

Sorany Gomez
The ex lonely hamster 

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